The procedure for reviewing articles

After receiving the articleis considered by the Technical Secretary in terms of compliance with the requirements for the design of articles. All incoming articles are checked for originality with the help of appropriate electronic resources. According to the results of the review, the article can be sent to the author for revision.

All scientific articles are submitted to the Editorial Office for mandatory review.

The Scientific Editor (or Executive Editor) determines the compliance of the received article with the profile of the journal, the requirements for its design and then sends the article for review to two independent experts on the relevant subject who are not members of the Editorial Board.

The review should contain a qualified analysis of the material of the article, an objective, reasoned assessment and clearly substantiated recommendations. The review should contain:

– relevance of the topic;

 scientific novelty and main results of the research;

– structured and logical presentation of the article;

– compliance of the content of the article with its title;

– reviewer’s remarks and reviewer’s recommendations (recommended for publication, recommended for publication after correction of remarks, not recommended for publication).

In case of a negative result of the examination, the article is rejected from publication. Editors do not correspond with the authors of rejected articles. Rejected articles are not considered again. The main reasons for the rejection of articles-the lack of scientific novelty, low originality, inconsistency with the scientific field of the journal.

Articles that have received positive reviews and accepted for publication by the editors are put in the queue of publications